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Our veterinary practice management solutions and integrated services are designed to automate business processes while you do what you do best – care for your patients.

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Covetrus delivers the products and services that animal care professionals rely on, day in and day out.

We are proud that with more than 30 years experience we are trusted by over 1400 practices. 

We identify and manage gaps in patient care through analytical insights, personalised client communications, efficient inventory management and proactive prescription management. Our software helps you streamline and grow your business, increase revenue and profits while helping you to create engaged, productive and well-trained staff.
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Our practice management solutions


VisionVPM is a full-featured practice management software that streamlines care for mixed and large animal practices and on-the-go veterinarians. VisionVPM gives you the tools to improve every area of your practice; including new client growth, compliance, staff efficiency, practice workflows, financial management, and inventory management. 

Grow your business by improving practice profitability and revenue, while reducing costs. Innovative processes and functionality simplify the management of your practice and enhance patient care. Leading international veterinary groups trust our solution to address industry-wide and specific practice needs.

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Improve your business processes

Achieve your practice's full potential

Our solutions grow your business through practical tools and processes, which address industry-specific needs and make it easy for you to grow your business and improve patient care.

Improve your client retention and compliance

Build customer loyalty and boost appointments

Our communication solutions help you increase staff efficiency, market and grow your practice, and bring more pet owners through your door.

Attract new clients

Improve your presence with effective marketing services and tools

Our client communication tools integrate with your practice management solution to deliver highly personal, relevant, and timely communications.

Increase practice revenue

Identify opportunities and track your business performance

Boost profits with automated reporting and business intelligence tools that track your business performance and integrate with your practice management software to quickly and easily highlights areas of improvement.

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Why choose Covetrus?

Our teams build strong relationships and serve as trusted advisers to help veterinarians and staff take advantage of the solutions we offer. 

We always have our eyes on what’s best for you and your practice, highlighting opportunities specific to your unique strengths, rolling up our sleeves, and stepping in with experience and seasoned advice when you need it most.

Above all, our priority is to help you run your best practice.

Because your success is our success.


What our clients say

"We experienced a 22% increase in revenue in the first year of implementation followed by 11% and then 7% in the following years"

Dr Chris Reardon, Warwick Vets

"I would recommend it to any practice, large or small, that is serious about gaining better control and understanding of their data for clinical or business purposes."

Dr Anne Richings, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital & Royal Veterinary College

"It meets all my patient & client needs ensuring I don't overlook anything. It's like having an extra employee. The result? I'm less stressed and the standard of care is more consistent"

Dr Angela Sutherland, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery