Virtual Visits now available in VisionVPM

Telemedicine capabilities in VisionVPM allow for a seamless virtual visit integration. This functionality enables your practice to schedule and deliver virtual visits to your clients in the comfort of their own home providing better care today, tomorrow, and into the future.

To help support your practice during the coronavirus pandemic we are offering virtual visit capabilities free of charge for VisionVPM users until 31st December 2020.*


It only takes three steps:


Open appointments or clinical records



Click "Create a Virtual Visit"



Click "Start Virtual Visit"

Benefits of Virtual Visits

Bi-Direction Communication

Improved accessibility 

Maintaining access of veterinary care to clients whilst adhering to social distance requirement during COVID-19.


Appointment triage

Empowering the vet to carry out appointment triage, to determine if an in person visit consultation is required.


Practice success

Maintaining your ability to show the value of your clinic’s services and improving client satisfaction.

Getting started with Virtual Visits in VisionVPM

The launch of virtual visits in VisionVPM means that you can seamlessly create a virtual visit appointment in VisionVPM with no additional manual set up required outside of VisionVPM. 

The way it works is simple as it ties in with your normal workflow. Create a new appointment in VisionVPM and select the ‘virtual visit’ option. Once the appointment is saved, a virtual visit link will be created, and your default text and/or email window will open defaulting to your specified virtual visit template, so you can immediately send the link to your client. Alternatively the virtual visit link can be created directly from a clinical record as well.

*Full terms provided on order form at signing.


Resources to ensure your success


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